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Reactor physics experts from Ben-Gurion University join the IRPhE project

The International Reactor Physics Evaluation Project (IRPhE) was established in 1999 by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Nuclear Science Committee (NSC). The project gather experts in reactor physics and nuclear experimental programs from around the world in order to provide the international nuclear community with qualified benchmark data by collecting reactor physics experimental data from nuclear facilities, worldwide.

The last IRPhE Technical Review Group meeting took place in Washington DC, USA, between 24-26 October 2017. For the first time since it was established, Israeli experts on reactor physics, from the Unit of Nuclear Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, actively contributed to the IRPhE project. In the last meeting, Ph.D student Marat Margulis, co-supervised by Dr. Erez Gilad of BGU/NE and Dr. Patrick Blaise of CEA Cadarache (France), presented a new reactor physics experimental evaluation to the group and received excellent reviews. Marat’s work, which is part of his doctoral research, will be included in the next edition of the IRPhE Benchmark Evaluation Handbook. Consequently, the Unit of Nuclear Engineering at BGU will be recognized as a contributor to the IRPhE project and its researchers will gain access to its international data bank, which was not accessible to Isreali researchers until now.

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