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Prof. Erez Gilad

I am the head of the Neutron Transport Theory and Reactor Physics research group at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. I am particularly interested in neutron transport theory and fundamental core physics. I am a non-orthodox theoretical physicist with a unique and diverse professional background, which includes pivotal positions in academia, national research laboratories, industry, and the private sector.
Currently, my main research efforts include the development of improved neutron transport corrections for the multigroup neutron diffusion equation, the study of innovative evolutionary algorithms for core design optimization, and neutron transport calculations for neutrino experiments in the European Spallation Source (ESS).
I am the chair of the Unit of Nuclear Engineering, a member of the High Scientific Council of the European Nuclear Society (ENS), an Executive Editor in Annals of Nuclear Energy, and an ad-hoc reviewer for leading scientific journals and conferences. I also teach a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses on core physics and nuclear reactors and supervise Ph.D. and M.Sc students.
I have served as a senior reactor physicist,  which involved physical core design and design and analysis of neutronic experiments. My experience in different scientific disciplines (nonlinear dynamics and chaos, complex networks, theoretical epidemiology, neutron transport theory, reactor physics) enables the multidisciplinary approach, which I believe is necessary for modern and innovative scientific research.
My skills as a theoretical reactor physicist together with hands-on experience in neutron science constitute a significant advantage in conducting pertinent and applicable neutron physics research.
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