The Reactor Physics research group at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is primarily interested in fundamental core physics, including experimental core physics, neutron transport theory, and in-core fuel management.
The group’s main research efforts include the study of neutronic effects during severe core accidents in Gen-IV fast reactors, the study and development of advanced analysis techniques for zero-power neutronic experiments in critical and subcritical facilities, the development of innovative evolutionary algorithms for core design optimization, and improved transport corrections for the multigroup neutron diffusion equation.
The research group is part of the Unit of Nuclear Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. It is the only academic research group in Israel engaged in the study of nuclear fission chain reaction and nuclear reactors. The scientific background of the group’s researchers and research students is diverse and includes physicists, mathematicians, and engineers. The group’s areas of expertise span a wide range, from applied mathematics, bifurcation theory, and integro-differential PDE’s to nuclear interactions, neutron transport theory, and evolutionary optimization algorithms.
Our scientific approach highly values creativity, originality, out of the box ideas, simplicity, symmetry-breaking thinking, nonlinear attitude, and nonintuitive perspective. We also value academic excellence, Hutzpah, and ambitiousness. We highly appreciate a multidisciplinary approach to solve problems and we believe it is necessary for contemporary and innovative reactor physics research.
With us, you can expect the unexpected! (but in a good way).