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Congratulations to Naama Fridman

Congratulations to graduate student Naama Fridman Schultz for successfully passing her M.Sc final exam and approval of her M.Sc research thesis. Naama finished her studies and is now a graduate of the Unit of Nuclear Engineering!

Naama performed detailed burnup calculations of the nuclear fuel repository of the Israeli Research Reactor 1 (IRR1) located in Soreq Nuclear Research Center. In her M.Sc. study, performed under the supervision of Dr. Erez Gilad of the Unit of Nuclear Engineering at BGU, Naama developed detailed computational models of the nuclear reactor core in Soreq and calculated the content of uranium-235 in each of the nuclear fuel rods irradiated in IRR1 core since 1985. This study was carried out in collaboration with the reactor group in Soreq and was funded by the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission.

Good Luck Naama!

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