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Summary of the scientific workshop on “Reactor Physics & Neutron Transport”

The Reactor Physics Research Group, from the Unit of Nuclear Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, hosted a special workshop on “Reactor Physics & Neutron Transport”. The workshop, which was organized by Dr. Erez Gilad from the Unit of Nuclear Engineering, targeted professional researchers and scientists working in the field of reactor physics and neutron transport.

The aim of the workshop was to gather a small but highly professional forum for mutual updates and discussion on recent studies and scientific activities, brainstorming and high-quality peer-review.


The honor guest of the workshop was Barry D. Ganapol, a Professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AME) at the University of Arizona and a Research Professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee. Prof. Ganapol is one of the leading scientists today engaged in radiation, and more specifically – neutron, transport theory, which is at the heart of many research activities conducted at the Reactor Physics Research Group @ UNE/BGU.

The workshop gathered about 15 researchers, scientists, and graduate students for one day, during which several oral presentations were given on a variety of topics:

  1. Analytical neutron transport theory in an infinite medium

  1. Modeling radiative “transport experiments” using simple models and advanced simulations

  2. SN2D – A 2D discrete ordinate method solver for radiation transport in LEEOR2D

  3. Nonlinear stability and limit cycles in Xenon-induced reactor oscillations

  4. Examples of convergence acceleration in transport theory and reactor kinetics

  5. SALAMI method for neutron beam calculation

  6. A stochastic differential equation for the reactor point kinetics

  7. Frequency-domain stability analysis of molten salt reactors

The participants were very active, conducted many high-quality discussions, brainstormed, took the time for networking, and one participant gave his concluding M.Sc. seminar during the workshop. The workshop delivered more than expected, the participants gained a lot from the meetings, and many suggested repeating the workshop on a quarterly basis.

We thank the President Foundation for partially funding Prof. Ganapol visit to The Unit of Nuclear Engineering @ BGU and to Mrs. Hana Dekalo for her help in organization.

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